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Crochet Yarn Calculator

If you are planning to substitute the pattern's recommended yarn you'll need to calculate how many balls of substitute yarn you will need. You'll need to know the amount of yarn in each ball of the recommended yarn and your substitute yarn. If you can't find the information you need from the pattern or ball bands then ravelry.com is a useful site for finding this information.

Number of balls of recommended yarn

Length of 1 ball/hank of recommended yarn in meters: (or yards )

Length of 1 ball/hank of substitute yarn in meters: (or yards )

You will need at least balls/hanks of substitute yarn.

Secondary Crochet Hook Sizing

Some crochet patterns use more than 1 crochet hook size but only give tension/gauge for the main crochet hook size. If you've had to change the hook size to get the correct tension/gauge how can you estimate the other hook size? Simply fill in the details below and our crochet hook size calculator will calculate the best hook size to try. You will need to supply the crochet hook sizes in mm.

Hook size in mm recommended in the pattern to get tension

Actual hook size in mm that gave you the correct tension

Secondary hook size in mm recommended in the pattern

Your secondary hook size in mm

This is a guide only. Take the time to inspect your work and see if it looks right and has the desired drape.

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